The hype about Pokémon GO

20 Years of Pokémon

Pokémon GO has been released for quite a while now. For those of you who have never been a big fan of Pokémon or didn’t understand the point of it, I want to try bring you the whole Pokémon experience a little bit closer.

Maybe we start by looking at Pokémon in general. What is this game about? Why is it popular since more than 20 years and why is there now again such a big hype about it?

HoloLens NES Emulator

Lately we haven’t heard a lot about the HoloLens and its development. N3S is a 3D NES emulator for Windows that is currently in alpha. The creator himself says that “N3S will never run well on current gen HoloLens, GPU just not powerful enough.” But he still managed to give us a great insight on how Retro Games could work on the HoloLens. See yourself below how famous retro games like Super Mario Bros, Tetris or Zelda could look like if played with Microsoft’s glasses.

The New Rogue One Trailer

finally! Nothing more to say here. Just watch and get excited:


Gaming News of the Week

No Man’s Sky

The Game will be coming out in 5 days. The creators however will provide a patch from the first day on and recommend to delete your files beforehand in case you got an early copy of the game. Read more here.
Also, all servers will be reset before official launch so early gamers will not have an advantage. And there will be a companion app to improve your gaming experience with No Man’s Sky. The Android version was already released, the iOs version will follow.



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